Pumice 0-1/2 - 50 lbs. View larger

Pumice 0-1/2 - 50 lbs.


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Pumice is the softest abrasive media in use today.  
• AKA: Amorphous Aluminum Silicate 
• CAS#: 1332-09-08 
• 100% Natural 
• Mild Abrasive Additive
• Fine Texture Exfoliant

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Pumice is a volcanic ash which is formed when lava is permeated with gas bubbles during the solidification process. Because lava has similar properties and chemical make-up as glass, pumice is very abrasive but unlike glass, it is very soft. Finely ground pumice is added to some toothpastes and hand cleaners as a mild abrasive. Provides mild exfoliation properties and color variation in products.